Chief Floof Officer

Jax is our longest tenured employee having been with the company since its founding in 2018. If you have been on a Zoom call with Alex, you have been on a Zoom call with our Chief Floof Officer. In fact, his favorite pastime is snoring during important Zoom calls.

His daily activities at Bluebird include fetching the mail, barking at the mailman, snoozing on various desks and laps and, of course, begging for treats in between meetings. He keeps our team smiling and calm and is a comedic relief around the office. When Jax is not at work, he enjoys walks along the Trinity River and snuggling with his human sister Audrey.

Meet Jax
Tea Wine Cocktail Coffee
Dr. Pol
Snoozing on the Job
Leggings Jeans Dress/Skirt

All of the pets, snuggles and yummy treats given on a daily basis!

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